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Plumbing & Fixtures:

We provide the following services in Plumbing & Fixtures:

  • Repair of plumbing fixture.
  • Install the rough-in to the finish for bath and shower.
  • Install electric steamer.
  • Install hot water tank.
  • Install water heaters on demand.
  • Inspection and troubleshoot of fixtures leak.
  • Repair and replacement of toilets.
  • Install washlets for one piece or two piece toilets.
  • Remove and replace hot water tank.
  • Upgrade your hot water tank to an instant water heater
  • Replace the old pipes with copper or plastic pipes.
  • Repair of water leaks at the ceiling from plumbing fixtures.
  • Install water filter, food disposer and instantaneous hot water.
  • Install dishwasher and connects its drain and water line.
  • Install top mount or under mount kitchen sinks and connect the drain lines to install water line for the fridge.
  • Install washer and drier and set up the vent line
  • Install pressure reducer valve (PRV Valve) and adjusted the setting
  • Install back flow preventer RPBA and testing it


We provide the following services in Drainage:

  • Replace the old water line with a plastic or copper line
  • Replace damaged sewer line
  • Annual maintenance of storm pipes
  • Clear blockage in basin, kitchen, or main sewer line
  • Camera inspection of the drain lines and locates the trouble spots
  • Install a sump pump as well as maintenance and repair of pumps
  • Repair of old cast iron pipes


We provide the following services for Heating:

  • Troubleshooting of the hot water tank, boiler, and furnace.
  • Connection of the gas appliances.
  • Maintenance and replacement of furnace parts.
  • Replacement of zone valves, thermostats, and pumps.


The North Shore municipalities are offering $50 rebate with the replacement of 4.8 liter per flush toilets. There are several brands that are compatible with this rebate. This program may not last long and you can call us to find which brands may match your bathroom. As part of our service, we provide you with the form, new toilet, and removed the old toilet at no extra charge.

Instant Water Heaters:

Navian and Renaiee are two favorite brands that provide your house with saving energy and you would never run out of hot water. Each brand has its own advantages in installation or reliabilities, give us a call to find which brand could be installed at your house.